Issuance of Tax Clearance / Non-Delinquency Certification on Real Property Tax

About the Service:

Tax Clearance is issued for the purpose of transfer of property ownership such as Sale, Donation, 
Extrajudicial, Deed of Exchange, Self-adjudication, Sheriff Certificate of Sale, and all other purposes 
like record, loan, subdivision, bail bond and etc.

1. All other purposes, except transfer of ownership     1. Duly accomplished application
   form of property (e.g. record, loan, subdivision,    2. Certificate of no improvement or 
   bail bond)                                              with improvement (photocopy)
                                                        3. Updated payment of real property tax
                                                        4. Proof of payment of certification fee 
                                                           of ten pesos (P10.00)

2. Transfer of ownership of real property               a. General requirements (1 to 4)
                                                        b. Proof of payment of transfer tax 
                                                           (to be computed by RPT Division)
                                                        c. Deed of Conveyance depending on mode of 
                                                           transfer of property

                          a. SALE                        - Notarized deed of sale 
                                                           (original & photocopy)

                          b. DONATION                    - Notarized deed of donation 
                                                           (original & photocopy)

                          c. EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT    - Notarized extrajudicial settlement 
                                                           (original & photocopy)

                          d. SOLE ADJUDICATION           - Notarized affidavit of sole adjudication 
                             (Sole Heir)                  (original & photocopy)

                          e. SHERIFF CERTIFICATE OF SALE - Notarized Final Sheriff Certificate of Sale 
                                                           (original & photocopy) 


          CLIENT STEPS                                                                               PROCESSING TIME           PERSON RESPONSIBLE

1. Secure and submit accomplished form and other            5 min.              MAREGENE O. PAULO
   pertinent papers for verification and                                          Ticket Checker
   computation of tax due                                                                              

2. Secure Order of Payment Slip after computation of        5 mins.           MARIA IMELDA M. RUSTE
   taxes due                                                                        LTOO II

3. Pay Real Property Tax (RPT) transfer fee                 5 mins.         REAL PROPERTY TAX COLLECTION 
                                                                                   WINDOWS (1 TO 4)
4. Submit proof of payment and get claim stub for           5 mins.              MAREGENE O. PAULO
   release of clearance                                                            Ticket Checker

5. Claim Tax Clearance on the date indicated in the         5 mins.              MAREGENE O. PAULO
   claim stub                                                                      Ticket Checker