Project Monitoring Committee (PMC)

Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) monitors continue inspection activities Monitors of the PMC, on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, inspected LGU projects in Barangays Panubigan, Lubigan, Quiniput, Curuan and Buenavista. The inspected projects forms part of the role of the PMC to ensure that development projects in Zamboanga City are implemented according to accepted standards. Among those inspected are as follows:
1.) Construction of Barangay Hall at Panubigan
2.) Construction of three (3) additional classroom school building at Panubigan Elementary School Building at Panubigan
3.) Construction of Health Center at Panubigan
4.) Construction of Shoreline Protection at Panubigan
5.) Construction of Evacuation Center at Curuan
6.) Rehabilitation/Improvement of Curuan Gymnasium at Curuan
7.) Rehabilitation/Improvement of Fire Station at Quiniput
8.) Construction of Multi-Purpose Building at Buenavista
9.) Construction of Slope Protection at Sitio Cansilayan, Lubigan
The Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) is a special body of the City Development Council (CDC) that is tasked to monitor and evaluate infrastructure projects funded by the government in Zamboanga City.