The Officers and Staff of the Office of the City Planning and Development Coordinator, wholeheartedly commit ourselves to adopt a pro-active approach; working together as a team, to be result-oriented, transparent and always open to change; under God’s divine guidance, responsive to our client’s needs; ever striving for no less than excellent services as our solidarity goal and emoting to the public the true essence of a public servant who is selfless in undertaking our corresponding fields of responsibilities namely;

  1. Preparations and formulations of the City’s Local Development Investment Program and Annual Investment Plan within the prescribed period of seven months from January to July of each year and in coordination with the different departments of the city government and all other stakeholders;
  2. Preparation, documentation and finalization of the City’s Annual Report within the first quarter of the year;
  3. Issuances of Zoning and Locational Clearances and all other zoning related documents like Zoning Certificates, Certificate of Eligibility for Land Conversions and Certificate of Occupancy within one day once all the requirements have been complied with by the Clients (to include location plan, etc.,) and/or after the conduct of inspection when there is a need for such (done twice a week and on a first come, first serve basis);
  4. Process Subdivision Plan Application within two weeks after complying with all the requirements by the applicants;
  5. Attend to complaints within thirty days by either conducting dialogue/public hearing to be scheduled on the availability of the parties concerned and evaluate the same;
  6. Prepares and formulates Comprehensive Development Plans and other Sectoral Development Plans and conduct studies within six months to one year depending upon the sector or nature of the study and logistical and other support necessary in completing such endeavors;
  7. Acts as secretariat to existing planning bodies, whenever these bodies meet, like the City Development Council, City Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals, City Development Strategy, City Disaster Council etc.;
  8. Quarterly/yearly collects and processes data for information and use in the preparation and formulation of various development plans and studies and in the preparation of the socio-economic profile, LGPMS, MDG, Gender Development Plans, etc..;
  9. Conduct monitoring and evaluation activities quarterly for all the city government implemented projects;
  10. Conduct monitoring activities monthly in all zoning and subdivision related matters;
  11. Conduct, at least ten areas a year, field verification through the use of GIS for building and updating our data bank for various users, subject, however to the availability of service vehicle; and
  12. Perform all other related activities as instructed and within the specified period.