Zambo Hermosa prep in full swing

Preparations for the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival are in full-swing with just two weeks left until its official kickoff on October.

The local government through its special events team has been conducting marathon orientations and meetings with partners, stakeholders, and participants to ensure the smooth conduct of all activities lined-up for the month-long fiesta celebration.

The Zamboanga Hermosa Festival, one of the city’s most important festivals which honors its patron saint the Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Pilar, will officially open on October 1 with the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Opening Salvo featuring the Inter-Barangay Bandoreal Competition and Pink Parade.

Prior to the opening ceremony, a pre-fiesta extravaganza school tour and a Zambassadors mall tour will take place to drum up interest and support for Fiesta Pilar.

Hundreds of visitors and locals are expected to converge in Zamboanga City for the lined-up activities prepared by the local government of Zamboanga City.

Highlights of the Hermosa Festival 2018 calendar are: Smoke Out Zamboanga – Grilled Food Fiesta and Zamboanga Grand Midnight Sale from September 29 to October 13, September 29 – October 13, Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Opening Salvo ft. Inter-Barangay Bandoreal Competition on October 1, Hermosa Heritage Zone Walking Tour from October 1 to 11, Original Chavacano Video Music Festival 2018 on October 8, Mascota de Zamboanga on October 9, Zamboanga Dancesport Competition on October 10, Streetdance Competition and Fiesta Main Program on October 11, and the Feast of the Lady of the Pilar on October 12.

The much-anticipated Regatta de Zamboanga will also unfurl its sails on October 7 with 250 teams competing in a traditional vinta race in RT Lim Boulevard. The Regatta will be held back-to-back with the Wow Sardines Boodle Fight, an activity which pays homage to Zamboanga City’s moniker of Sardines Capital of the Philippines.

Zamboanga Hermosa, also known locally as Fiesta Pilar, is one of Zamboanga City’s most important festivals. It honors the city’s patron saint, the Virgen del Pilar whose image is enshrined in the equally historic and venerated Fort Pilar. The feast day proper on October 12 is a special holiday in Zamboanga City, and the shrine itself holds novena masses throughout the day. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)