Traffic violation income hits P26M in 11 months

Income from traffic violations during the first 11 months of 2019 hit P26 million, the City Administrator’s Office reported Monday.

The amount represents a 2,148.63% increase as compared to the 2015 collections, 155.58% increase from the 2016 collections, 54.017% from 2017 and 37.61% increase from the 2018 collections.

As of November 2019, 90% of the total violations are non-compliance of the provisions of City Ordinance 248 or the Traffic Ordinance of 2019.

The total income is translated to 25,412 combined apprehensions by the Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) and Task Force Ordinance (TFO). The total apprehensions represent a 98% increase from the 2017 violators of 12, 811 and 24% increase from the 2018 apprehended violators of 20,412.

Individually, the TEU apprehended a total of 10, 866 violators in 2019, which is 149% much higher than those apprehended in 2017 and 83% more than 2018 violators. The TFO apprehended a total of 14,546 violators in 2019, representing a 72% increase from the 2017 figure and 0.3% higher than the 2018 figure.

Meanwhile, for the month of December 2019, Go reported that the strict implementation of city ordinances related to traffic resulted to the apprehension of 1,137 violators. A total of 37 vehicles were towed during the same period, of which, 35 remain impounded and unclaimed at the impounding area in San Roque as of January 6. (Sheila Covarrubias)