Tourism office renews appeal for MPHS compliance

The City Tourism Office renews its appeal to the public to practice discipline in complying with the minimum public health standards (MPHS) being implemented especially now that Zamboanga City has been placed under Alert Level 1 for the rest of March.

City Tourism Officer Sarita Sebastian said during last Monday’s virtual press briefer that while travel requirements to and regulations on social gatherings and events in Zamboanga City have been relaxed, discipline continues to be important.

“As far as the process is concerned in letting us know na chene sila respective occasions or social gatherings or MITES-related events, hinde ya kita ta pasa dificultad, at the same time el quien ta man apply porque paspas el proseso,” the local tourism official stated.

“The only challenge that we face is people still need to be cautious of the [MPHS],” she continued. “El disciplina del maga vivientes, del maga personas quien ta atende el social event is very important.”

Tourism establishments in the city have their own safety officers who check vaccination cards and make sure face masks are properly worn at all times except during meal time.

Sebastian also recognized the support from the police and military partners, barangay officials and the local government compliance team in making the rounds to ensure MPHS are also observed everywhere in the city especially parks such as the Paseo del Mar, RT Lim Boulevard and public beaches including on weekends. (Claudine Uniana)