To avoid delays: Prep, submit complete docs – BOSS

The city government through the Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) calls on applicants to submit complete and correct requirements to avoid delays in their business registrations and renewals.

Licensing Chief Benjie Barredo on Tuesday, January 9, cited incomplete or lack of documents as the most common cause of delay in the processing of registrations and renewals which has resulted in some 495 applications pending at the BOSS as of its 8th day of operations.

According to Barredo, processing of applications are hampered due to: 1) lack photos and sketches of establishments, which are requirements of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and other regulatory offices for their assessment; 2) incomplete pages of key documents such as the ITR, which prevents the Office of the City Treasurer from computing gross sales; 3) faded or illegible copies of key documents; 4) wrong phone numbers, and; 5) unsigned application forms.

“Please attach them to your application, para once man submit kame na maga regulatory offices, un rato lang diaton proceso,” Barredo urged.

Pursuant to EO JD 2023-105 signed by Mayor John Dalipe, the requirements for business registration are: accomplished application form with photo of establishment, sketch, and the correct contact number, proof of registration from the SEC, DTI, or CDA, proof of right of applicant to use location (transfer certificate of title or tax declaration for owned property; contract of lease, MOA, or written consent of property owner for tenants/leased property), and Fire Safety Inspection Certificate for Occupancy (valid in the last 9 months).

For renewals, applicants must submit the accomplished application form with photo of establishment, sketch, and the correct number, together with proof of annual gross receipts, which may include audited financial statements, unaudited financial statements (for those not required to file AFS to BIR), sworn declaration of gross sales, and ITR.

As of January 8, the BOSS has received 3,259 applications, of which 1,912 have been assessed. A total of 473 permits have already been issued. BOSS is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays including holidays to accommodate all applications for business permit registration and renewal. (jasmine Mohammadsali)