Simultaneous polio immunization set Wednesday

The City Health Office will carry out polio vaccinations in health centers in the city this Wednesday, October 23.

“It will be simultaneously done in our health centers, but el diaton highlight will be in Sta. Maria, Tetuan, and Sta. Catalina,” said Dr. Dulce Amor Miravite during the city hall press conference on Monday.

Dubbed ‘Sabayang Patak Contra Polio’, the vaccination drive is in line with the World Polio Day observance. Globally observed on October 24, Miravite said the city will hold the event a day earlier to coincide with the ‘bakuna’ day in health centers which falls on Wednesdays.

Dr. Miravite strongly reiterated the need for vaccinations for children to prevent polio. She cited the Department of Health’s Balik Bakuna advocacy and emphasized that vaccinations are safe and proven effective.

“For us to be protected, necesita kita manda man bakuna con diaton maga bata,” Dr. Miravite stressed.

According to Dr. Miravite, the polio virus, along with other vaccine-preventable diseases, is always found in the environment which makes vaccinations vital for protection and lasting immunity.

For polio, three doses are needed by children under one-year-old for full protection against the virus.

Constant handwashing and sanitary preparation of food and drinks are additional ways to prevent polio.

Dr. Miravite likewise advised against open defecation as polio, a highly contagious virus, is spread via contamination of infected feces or the fecal-oral route. She said that areas with open defecation are considered high-risk areas.

The City Health Office continues to coordinate with the Department of Health to strengthen advocacies and implementation of measures against polio.

Open defecation are high risk areas.  (Jasmine Mohammadsali)