Profiling, tagging, census validation of ZIA-affected communities kick off

Combined personnel from the National Housing Authority (NHA), Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the City Government commenced the conduct of Community Household and Socio-Economic Profiling, Tagging and Census Validation (CoHSEP-TVC) in barangays Mercedes, Talabaan and Zambowood in preparation for the implementation of the New Zamboanga International Airport Development Project (NZIADP).

A total of 3 teams – each composed of representatives from the NHA (national and regional offices), DOTr, City Housing and Land Management Division (HLMD), City Planning and Development Office (CPDO), City Engineer’s Office, and City Assessor’s Office (CAO), are deployed to conduct the activity starting Tuesday, March 19. Each team has mappers, taggers, listers and enumerators.

Based on record, a total of 349 dwellings/ structures will be affected by the airport project, of which, 198 are located in Mercedes, 125 in Talabaan and 26 in Zambowood.

The CoHSEP-TCV tool enables government agencies concerned to collect data to enhance development strategies and optimize resource allocation for communities impacted by the project. It facilitates comprehensive insights into community demographics, economic conditions and requirements.

The deployment of the teams came following the online orientation and briefing March 14 and the subsequent face-to-face simulation of digitized tool for the CoHSEP-TCV last March 18, facilitated by the NHA Central Office – Regional Development and Sustainability Division (NHA-RDSD). (Sheila Covarrubias)