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Procurement, Acquisition and Awards Division

Provides administrative support to the BAC, organize and make all necessary arrangement for the BAC meetings and conferences, attends BAC meetings as Secretary, prepare minutes and resolutions of the BAC meetings, take custody of procurement documents and be responsible for the sale and distribution of bidding documents to interested bidders, advertise and/or post bidding opportunities, including bidding documents and notice of awards, assist in managing the procurement processes, monitor procurement activities and milestones for proper reporting to relevant agencies when required, consolidate PPMPs from various units of the procuring entity to make them available for review as indicated in Section 7 of Implementing Rules and Regulations- A (IRR-A), make arrangements of the pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences and bid openings and be the central channel of communications for the BAC  with end-users, PMOs, others units of the line agency, other government agencies, providers of goods, civil works and consulting services, and the general public.