On Independence Day: Beng calls for unity for peace, progress

Mayor Beng Climaco Wednesday renewed her call for unity of all Zamboanguenos- Muslims, Christians and Lumads- for peace and progress, as she led residents in the celebration of the 121st Independence Day in fitting rites held at the City Hall grounds.

“Na celebracion del di aton 121 Dia de Independencia de Filipinas, uni kita todo para el paz y prosperidad por amor de Dios, Nuestra Madre del Pilar y San Jose y trabaja mas por Amor del di aton Ciudad de Zamboanga,” Climaco said in her message that focused on the theme “Tapang ng Bayan, Malasakit sa Mamamayan.”

She reminded Zamboanguenos the sacrifices of Filipinos including Zamboangueno Gen. Vicente Alvarez who fought for freedom from the Spaniards over a century ago. The celebration’s theme, she said, makes people realize the power of unity of all Filipinos- Christians, Muslims and Lumads and admonishes all residents to work harder for the welfare and protection of all.

 “As your Mayor, I will continue to commit to protect and defend our beloved Zamboanga City,” she continued while thanking the military and police forces for their hard work and sacrifices in keeping the city safe.  “Gracias a Dios con todo di aton heroe asta aquelos de presente tiempo que ya dale di ila vida para na di aton independencia. Na todo tiempo porteje kita con el interes del mayoria y hinde el interes di aton personal, nunca kita bende conel Ciudad de Zambo encambio con el di aton deseo y interes personal y ambicion.”

Attended by thousands of people representing the different sectors, the Independence Day celebration kicked off with a flag raisin and wreat- laying ceremony at 8am and was highlighted by cultural presentations and musical interlude.

Independence Day is one of the most significant dates in the Philippine history as it marks the nation’s independence from the Spanish rule 121 years ago.

The Philippine Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on June 12, 1898 in Cavite. It was marked with the raising of the Philippine flag and the reading of the Act of Proclamation of Independence of the Filipino People, wherein Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the country’s independence from Spanish colonial rule. (Sheila Covarrubias)