OCVET temporarily defers alis-rabies drive

The Office of the City Veterinarian (OCVET) has temporarily deferred its scheduled rabies vaccination drives in the barangays as it replenishes its supply of rabies vaccines.

City Veterinarian Dr. Mario Arriola said the OCVET’s supply of rabies shots was fully consumed within the first quarter of the year.

“Unfortunately, for the first quarter lang kame ya puede man tackle el di aton Oplan Alis Rabies, because we ran out of supplies,” Arriola said Monday, June 10.

Arriola explained the OCVET received only enough doses of rabies vaccine for 2,000 dogs.

However, the OCVET is expecting the arrival of additional doses of the rabies vaccine from the city’s disaster fund.

“Ya pidi kame from the Disaster [CDRRMO] as mitigating measure about 50,000 doses,” Arriola clarified.

This, Arriola said, will hopefully be delivered this month.

A revised schedule for the Oplan Alis Rabies drive will be released as soon as OCVET’s supply of rabies vaccine is replenished. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)