OCENR readies barangays for garbage collection duties

The Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources (OCENR) is preparing barangays for the eventual hand off of garbage collection duties in line with the implementation of the city’s solid waste management ordinance.

Rodrigo Pagotaisidro, OCENR Public Service Officer IV, said with garbage collection duties will slowly be given to the barangays upon the turnover of the garbage trucks from the city government to the barangays.

 “Upon the distribution of the garbage trucks, garbage collection covering the barangays handled by the OCENR will gradually be pulled out considering it is stipulated in Ordinance 2016-176 that cleanliness and garbage collection are prime responsibilities of the barangay,” Pagotaisidro said Monday, July 1, at the City Hall press conference.

Distribution of garbage trucks is set for this week, and in the meantime, a training for designated drivers will be spearheaded by the OCENR to prepare drivers to operate and maintain the vehicles.

Pagotaisidro said part of the preparations expected from the barangays for the implementation of the solid waste ordinance include the environmental organization, which refers to presence of a solid waste management committee and barangay enforcers, the engineering aspect, which refer to the presence of color-coded segregation bins, composting facilities, and a collection schedule for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes, and the enforcement aspect, which refers to the deputized enforcers, issuance of citation tickets, barangay street sweepers, and minimal to no open dumping and burning.

Pagotaisidro also reminder residents that collection of a monthly garbage collection and disposal fee of Php 50 per family is part of the solid waste management ordinance.

Barangays are likewise expected to carry out information, education, and communication initiatives using house-to-house campaigns, pulong-pulong, and flyers, billboards, and handouts to maximize awareness.

These requirements are serve as the criteria for the cleanest and greenest barangay competition, said Pagotaisidro.

With the turnover of garbage collection duties to the barangays, Pagotaisidro said the OCENR will remain responsible for garbage collection at the central business district. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)