No entry for trikes in Jaldon St. starting Sept. 3

Effective Monday, September 3, 2018, tricycles coming from Canelar, Buenavista and Gov. Alvarez Streets will be prohibited from entering M. Jaldon Street pursuant to the provisions of Ordinance 248 otherwise known as the traffic code of the city.

The prohibition came about after two-way traffic resumed in Buenavista Street due to the completion of rehabilitation work in the area.

zamboanga city tricycle

When the Buenavista Street rehabilitation project was ongoing, tricycles were temporarily allowed to enter M. Jaldon Street from north to south direction (PLDT towards BFP).

Section 9  for Motorized tricycles under Ordinance 248, as amended states “motorized tricycles shall not be allowed to travel along the following road/streets section as herein specified:  …..5. M. Jaldon (Sucabon) Street – North to South Direction- from its junction with Gov. Alvarez Street up to its junction with Climaco Avenue.”