Mayor leads gift-giving for inmates

Mayor Beng Climaco led a gift-giving activity for inmates at the City Reformatory Center in Varela Street Friday as a belated Christmas treat.

Together with Councilors Josephine Pareja, Elbert Atilano, John Dalipe and Jimmy Villaflores, the mayor shared her message of hope, faith and renewal as she urged the inmates to remain firm in their belief in God that someday they can join their relatives outside the walls of the City Jail.

Facilitated by the City Jail Warden JCInsp. Nathaniel Aljas and staff, the affair was highlighted by some song and dance numbers that brought smiles and cheers to inmates.

Mayor Climaco said the gift-giving activity and other programs implemented by her administration for the BJMP are proofs that the City Government cares for the inmates. “No mas kita perde esperanza. Ta cree yo cay todo cosa ta pasa na di aton vida tiene rason, y el Dios di aton Tata amo el rason por todo este.”  (Sheila Covarrubias)