Mayor issues guidelines for Holy Week observance

Mayor Beng Climaco signed last Saturday, April 09, Executive Order No. BC 728-2022 prescribing the guidelines for the Holy Week, Solemn Paschal and Triduum celebrations in the city.

Under the said order and in cognizance of the city’s Alert Level 1 status, the religious occasion shall be observed with reverential solemnity and respect subject to the strict observation of the minimum public health and safety (MPHS) measures. These include the wearing of face mask, practicing strict social distancing, reducing interactions between persons from different households, bringing of own bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizers, and other similar practices.

Religious venues shall observe 100% seating capacity and shall ensure the compliance of the aforementioned MPHS standards.

Mayor Cesar C. Climaco Freedom Park, Abong-Abong, Pasonanca, Buenavista, Lumayang and other places where the practice of the procession at the stations of the cross shall be open to the public also at 100% capacity.

A parking lot will be designated for private vehicles near the “helmet” landmark. Visitors shall follow the traffic re-routing scheme for roads leading to Mayor Cesar C. Climaco Freedom Park on April 13 to April 16 while Abong-Abong residents are to secure a car pass from the Pasonanca Barangay Council to be allowed entry and exit using the road from the elementary school to Km. 6.

Only 122 designated vendors will be allowed to sell goods at designated areas. The bringing, selling and drinking of liquor or other intoxicating drinks shall be prohibited.

Likewise proscribed are the bringing of audio/visual equipment; playing of loud music; wearing of hooded jackets, ball caps and backpacks; and carrying of firearms, bladed weapons, and other similar items on April 14 to April 16.