Mayor appeals for personal responsibility to prevent fire

Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday appealed to all residents of Zamboanga City to exercise personal responsibility and close supervision in using appliances at home to prevent fire incident.

Climaco made the appeal following the fire that broke out Sunday night in Lower Calarian, the 8th incident to occur in a span of one week.

“I would like to make an appeal to all residents of Zamboanga in the light of the spate of fire incidents that parents, grandparents and children must actively participate in ensuring that we comply with the safety measures such as supervision over all plugged electrical appliances,” the mayor said during the press briefing.

“Secondly, do not allow hazardous materials that can cause fire from being unsupervised whether by adults or children,” she added, noting that per investigation by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) faulty wiring and personal negligence were main causes of fires.

She thanked and even congratulated the BFP personnel for their swift response to the fire in Lower Calarian, having arrived at the fire scene in five minutes after the call, as reported by Barangay Captain Jamalul. “Unfortunately, there were people affected by the fire.

Climaco said she had already conferred with the BFP personnel together with Councilor El King Omaga, chair of the Committee on Disaster Prevention in the City Council, and she also had informed Vice Mayor Rommel Agan that “we will have to take proactive measures, and one of the most important measures is for all resident to be responsible na di aton maga caserias, especialmente na usada del di aton maga equipaje na casa tambien.”

“This is also part of our campaign to ensure that when we are using our appliances necesita personal supervision and personal responsibility down to the children. “This is the most effective means because prevention must begin at home,” Climaco stressed.-(Vic Larato)