Hermosa fest drives tourism, promotions for city

The city has reaped dividends in terms of tourism and promotions from its celebration of the Hermosa Festival, the local government said Monday, October 14.

City Special Events head Christian Olasiman affirmed the positive impact of the Hermosa Festival, noting that the festival’s social-cultural events have brought in guests and tourists, encouraged news and promotions about Zamboanga City, and enlivened local businesses and enterprises.

In the first two weeks of the Hermosa Festival’s main set of activities, local hotels were all fully booked, a detail attributed by Olasiman to the number of tourists and guests from different parts of the Philippines who came in the city for events such as the Regatta de Zamboanga and the first-ever Zamboanga Hermosa Triathlon, among others.

“We have a lot of events na mucho maga turista el quien ya participa,” said Olasiman.

News outfits, media personalities, bands, and vloggers were likewise present in a number of activities which served to showcase the city and the Hermosa Festival to the nation.

The local government also celebrated the opportunities made possible by the Hermosa Festival for local businesses and enterprises to thrive in activities such as the Smoke Out Zamboanga and the Grand Midnight Sale.

Olasiman further highlighted the impact of the festival to the creative community in the city and in preserving culture and arts with staple Hermosa mainstays such as the Original Chavacano Music Festival, design competition Mascota de Zamboanga, art exhibits, photography competition, Streetdance and Dancesport competitions, Regatta de Zamboanga, and more.

“From Chavacano music, local designers, photography, ya puede beneficia,” Olasiman said.

Most important of all, said Olasiman, is the Hermosa Festival’s practice of bringing together the Christian, Muslim, and Lumad communities.

“It has also strengthened our faith,” Olasiman said, adding that this is enough to say that the Hermosa Festival is successful and worth the investment. While majority of the city government-led activities have concluded, the Hermosa Festival celebrations will continue until the end of October. Highlights of the remaining weeks are: Hermosa Job Fair (October 17), Hermosa Photography Competition 2018 exhibit (October 20) and awarding (October 27), and the Danza La Vida (October 19). (Jasmine Mohammadsali)