DILG urges brgy officials to exercise police power

Police power is one of the inherent powers of the state that has been delegated to the local government unit including the barangay—the power to enact measures whether ordinance or resolutions that will promote the general welfare of the barangay constituents, more specifically to improve the quality of life.

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) City Director Moh. Taha Arakama stressed this out during the press briefing in City Hall last Monday.

Arakama pointed out that the LGUs including the barangays must promote health and public safety, maintain peace and order, encourage the community to practice ecological and health balance and improve public morale, and preserve the comfort and convenience of the inhabitants.

“The barangay officials must enforce the laws and ordinances… to see that the people are comfortable and secure,” Arakama said, adding that it is also the power of the barangay officials to ensure a drug-free community, where children of all ages are protected.

‘We believe that the barangay officials have to be reminded of their duties and functions. We have to level up their capacity (educate them and the people) on various programs like solid waste management, and they should engage people so that the people, their constituents, are empowered as well,” he stressed.

Arakama further explained that the role of DILG under the Local Government Code is to nurture excellence in local governance, promote public welfare and under an environment that is peaceful, orderly, where people are comfortable and secure.

‘Our outcome in the performance of our duty is to see to it from the city down to the barangays that they are transparent, accountable, responsive and participatory,” he said.

He said the DILG ensures that the LGUs/barangays are business-friendly and competitive, socially protective and conflict-free, environmentally protective, climate change adaptive and disaster resilient.-(Vic Larato)