Dalipe welcomes first woman Assault Armor Battalion Commander

Mayor John Dalipe warmly welcomed LTCol. Maria Rowena Muyuela, the new commander of the Assault Armor Battalion of the Philippine Marine Corps based in Cabatangay during the latter’s courtesy call in City Hall, Tuesday, March 12.

Muyuela, a battle-tested soldier, becomes the first-ever woman commander of the battalion, a national unit that provides maneuver brigades with armored assets to support their operations.

During the meeting, both Mayor Dalipe and LtCol. Muyuela vowed to work hand in hand to sustain peace and security in the city. Both officials likewise acknowledged that strong collaboration is key to ensuring progress and development in Zamboanga City.

Muyuela took over the helm of the Marines’ Assualt Armor Battalion during Change of Command ceremony held March 7 with Philippine Marine Corps Commandant MGen Arturo Rojas PN(M) as presiding officer. (Sheila Covarrubias)