Dalipe vows to champion citizens’ rights in BHRAC Summit

Mayor John Dalipe on Thursday, February 22, vows to stand firm in his administration’s resolve to champion the rights of every citizen, as he joined the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) in spearheading a 2-day Barangay Human Rights Action Center (BHRAC) Summit at a local hotel in Gov. Camins.

As a testament to his commitment to human rights, Mayor Dalipe signed Executive Order 2024- 010 mainstreaming human rights, rule of law and access to justice in local governance within the city and establishing the City Human Rights Action Center, creating Human Rights Action Team and enjoining the city’s 98 barangay chairpersons to establish and create the same. The EO signing highlighted the Summit that was graced by CHR Chairperson Richard Palpal-Iatoc with CHR-9 Regional Director Atty. Judelyn Macapili.

“This initiative is not just a bureaucratic formality. It is a resounding affirmation that we, under the Dalipe administration, stand firm in our resolve to champion the rights of every citizen,” the mayor declared.

The Summit, attended by the barangay officials from the 98 barangays formed part of CHR’s Lakbay Karapatan Tungo sa Kamalayan “LaKaran” or Human Rights Journey towards Consciousness) Program that seeks to strengthen human rights promotion and education at the grassroots level as well as build partnerships with local government units, the security sector, civil society organizations, and the community in the regions.

The BHRAC will serve as an effective mechanism in raising awareness and ensuring the protection of human rights in the city.

Topics discussed during the Summit include the CHR mandate, orientation on BHRAC, and the importance of community participation in promoting and protecting human rights among others –all intended to ensure that the participants have a comprehensive understanding of their roles in the protection and promotion of human rights at the grassroots level. (Bernadeth Lazaro)