Dalipe urges SP to review fare rate in trike ordinance

Mayor John Dalipe has asked the City Council to review and amend the Tricycle Ordinance of 2013 specifically to make fare rates more acceptable and attuned with the times.

Liza Jocson, Dalipe’s spokesperson said the mayor’s move is part of the holistic approach to help resolve mounting problems on overcharging tricycle drivers.

Jocson said the city government is addressing the problem on overcharging drivers through a holistic approach that will resolve not only the mounting complaints but will also address issues and concerns of the drivers.

The Tricycle Ordinance was last amended in 2013 or 10 years ago.

The provisions of the ordinance specifically the figures in the fare rate do not reflect the economic situation of today, thus the need to amend the ordinance, the spokesperson added.

The proposal to amend the ordinance is in addition to the solutions implemented by the City Administrator’s Office, which has been in the forefront in matters related to the implementation of local laws and ordinances. (Sheila Covarrubias)