Dalipe unveils 9-point future plans

Mayor John Dalipe vowed in his State of the City Address (SOCA) on Monday, Feb. 26, to pursue vigorously the priority projects and programs his administration has started over the past year and seven months even as he spelled out a nine-point future plans.

Foremost of these, Dalipe assured Zamboangueños that his administration remains committed to a Social Welfare and Benefits System that enables them to apply for financial and medical assistance from the city government online.

He said the system is also integrated with various pharmacies to monitor the release of medicines.

Secondly, the BPLO will introduce the Online End-to-End Application of Business Permits that will handle all aspects of permit processing, from receiving applications to assessment, payment, and issuance. It is expected to be fully operational by June 2024.

Third, Dalipe also promised to implement the ISO Quality Management System with guidance from the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP).

“We embark on an eight-month journey toward standardization and streamlining. This fulfillment of a promise made last year signifies my dedication to excellence,” Dalipe said in his two-hour SOCA to member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod during their 19 regular session at Royce Convention Center of the Grand Astoria Hotel.

Fourth, he vowed to move forward with the construction of two new Senior Citizen Buildings, one in Cabatangan and another in Talisayan.

“Looking ahead to 2025, I will build two more structures to ensure that our cherished senior citizens have convenient access to the care and support they deserve, right within their communities,” he further said.

Fifth, in collaboration with Majority Leader Mannix Dalipe, the local chief executive stressed his administration will take decisive steps to alleviate transportation challenges in the city proper.

This, as he has directed the acquisition of lots to open new roads and build structures, which are now fully funded and ready for implementation.

These include Camino Nuevo: P21.5 million; New road from Mayor Vitaliano Agan Road to Don Toribio Street, Camino Nuevo: P55 million; Mampang-Rio Hondo Coastal Road: P200 million, and a fresh infusion of P315 million for this year.

Additionally, the Dalipe emphasized that his administration is committed to bridge construction and rehabilitation, namely; San Roque Cemetery to San Roque Subdivision: P45 million; Toribio, Pasonanca to Tumaga: P60 million; Villa Sta. Maria to Tumaga: P60 million; Falcatan, Tetuan to Guiwan: P60 million; improvement of bridge in Taluksangay: P60 million; Cabato Road to Aurora Village: P66 million.

Moreover, the Sustainable Infrastructure Projects Alleviating Gaps (SIPAG) road projects in Bunguiao-Tolosa-Lapakan, Bunguiao-Quiniput, Mangusu-Muti, and Muti-Buenavista totaling P600 million are already in progress, he added.

Sixth, for the agriculture sector, Dalipe said the amount of P9.9 million was allocated for farm-to-market roads in Cawit, which has been on going at the completion rate of 67% in coordination with DAR.

In addition, 14 more farm-to-market roads will be constructed in barangays Mangusu, Sibulao, Licomo, Taguiti, Tictapul, Tumitus, Vitali totaling to P200 million.

Seventh, to enhance accessibility for Zamboangueños residing on island barangays, Dalipe said his administration is embarking on the construction of community ports in barangays Pasilmanta, Manalipa, Busay, Landang Gua, Dita and Pangapuyan.

He said these ports will facilitate inter-island travel and commerce, providing a smoother and more convenient journey for residents to reach the mainland.

Eighth, Dalipe promised to launch nine desalination projects in Tumalutab, Busay, Landang Gua, Landang Laum, Tigtabon, Pangapuyan, Manalipa, Pasilmanta, and Sta. Cruz Island. These projects aim to provide residents on the island barangays with access to potable water.

Ninth, as chairperson of the Local School Board, Dalipe has approved the City Reading Program with a budget of P13 million as proposed by the Zamboanga City Schools Division Office. By June this year, he will introduce the Reading Engagement Across Developmental Stages (READS), a series of activities that will help develop the independent learning skills of young children.-(Vic Larato)