Dalipe to elected BSK officials: Serve with honesty, integrity

Mayor John Dalipe has challenged the newly elected and reelected barangay officials and Sangguniang Kabataan members to never forget the promises they made to the people during the campaign period, and to serve their constituents with honesty, integrity and principles.

“Tiempo ya para sirvi con el diaton constituents. Debe esta na diaton pensamiento que ya escuji con aton para servi con el diaton ciudadanos con todo honestia, integridad, y principio,” Dalipe said in his message during the flag raising ceremony on Monday.

To the new SK members, Dalipe reminded them that their privilege/position allows them to hone their leadership skills in public service.

“Always observe the values of hard work, honesty and humility,” he said. “Ojala, ay queda quita buen ejemplo na manga jovenes na diatom barangay,” the mayor added as he conveyed his felicitations to all BSKE winners for the successful campaign and election.

The local chief executive also extended his gratitude and appreciation to the members of the security forces for their efforts that resulted in the safe, peaceful, and successful conduct of the Barangay and Sangguniang Elections (BSKE), and the observance of the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day last week.

“Quiere yo comenda y rindi gracias con el autoridad – el policia y military y con todos ahencia concierne, entrao el oficina del govierno – por el buen implementacion del programa de seguridad durante el eleccion, y observacion del Todos los Santos y Difuntos,” Mayor Dalipe said.-[Vic Larato]