Dalipe, Red Cross seal circular economy pact

On behalf of the city government of Zamboanga, Mayor John Dalipe signed on Monday, Sept. 11, a Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) represented by its Secretary General, Dr. Gwendolyn T. Pang, for the implementation of a European Union-funded project titled “Promotion of a Green and Circular Economy through Civil Society Engagement and Good Governance in Highly Urbanized Coastal Cities in the Philippines.”

The project stipulated in the MOA aims to strengthen a civil society engagement, promote good governance, and foster a green and circular economy in highly urbanized coastal areas, with a specific focus on addressing solid waste proliferation and its impact on vulnerable communities.

In signing the agreement, Dalipe recognized the importance of the project in achieving sustainable waste management practices, environmental protection, and the overall socioeconomic development of the city’s constituents.

He also bannered his administration’s environmental protection advocacy through massive tree planting activities in the mountain areas and planting of mangrove propagules in coastal communities.

The PRC, on the other hand, cited its extensive experience in disaster response, humanitarian assistance, and community development, making it a valuable partner in implementing the objectives of the project.

Under the MOA, both the LGU of Zamboanga City and the PRC have committed to working collaboratively, leveraging their respective strengths, resources and expertise to ensure the successful implementation of the project and achieve its intended outcomes.

Specifically, the agreement seeks to address the solid waste proliferation in the barangays of Tulungatung, Ayala, Cawit, Maasin, Recodo, San Roque, Baliwasan and Sta. Catalina.

Similar agreement was also signed by and between the PRC through SG Pang and the Ateneo de Zamboanga University represented by its president, Fr. Guillrey Anthony “Ernald” Andal, SJ.

The MOA was signed at City Hall Conference Room in the presence of Spanish Red Cross delegation head Carlo Simonetti, Spanish Red Cross project delegate Maider Zabala, City Legal Officer Haydee Gretchen Panganiban, PRC-Zamboanga Board members led by their chairman, Dr. Victor Liozo, Fr. Andal and his party. Also present were the chairpersons and/or representatives of the project’s target barangays.-[Vic Larato]