Dalipe reconstitutes TF Karne

Mayor John Dalipe issued Executive Order (EO) No. JD 2023-049 reconstituting the Task Force Karne (TF Karne), an enforcement team tasked to monitor the implementation of and compliance with City Ordinance (CO) No. 2017-178, otherwise known as the “Meat Inspection Code of Zamboanga City,” as amended.

Signed on July 27, the said executive order provides for the composition of TF Karne which shall be divided into two subgroups. The Core Group shall be composed of personnel from the Office of the City Veterinarian who shall conduct “routine post meat establishment inspection in all markets, meat outlets including groceries, supermarkets or establishments where meat, poultry and by-products are sold or other channels where meat and meat products are slaughtered, prepared, handled, processed, packed, stored, or distributed”.

The Support Group shall be composed of representatives from pertinent offices that render assistance to the implementation of CO No. 2017-178. This includes but is not limited to various city offices such as the Office of the City Administrator, the Business Permits and Licensing Office, Office of the City Treasurer, City Health Office, City Legal Office, Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources, and the City Engineer’s Office as well as the National Meat Inspection Service, the Bureau of Animal Industry-Veterinary Quarantine Services, the Food and Drug Administration.

The Zamboanga City Police Office shall provide security and assistance particularly in situations that may result in the seizure of properties and/or the arrest of violators during post-meat establishment control operations conducted by TF Karne.

Any person, firm or corporation found in violation of EO No. JD 2023-049 shall be charged under the provision of CO No. 2017-178, as amended, and under applicable laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

Meat and meat products slaughtered, prepared, handled, processed, packed, stored, transported, distributed, or offered for sale as human food in violation of CO No. 2017-178, as amended, during strike operations shall be seized. The same shall be disposed of within 12-24 hours except those to be used as evidence in case of legal action.

City Ordinance No. 2017-178, as amended, mandates post-meat establishment control operations to regulate the flow, preparation, and sale of meat and meat products for human consumption. It grants the Office of the City Veterinarian access to all meat establishments, meat markets/channels and food establishments and the authority to examine and inspect all meat and meat products, poultry and poultry products prepared for commerce. (Claudine Uniana)