Dalipe orders CEO to finish projects within schedule

Mayor John Dalipe has ordered the City Engineer’s Office to strive hard to finish road repair and rehabilitation projects within schedule to avoid inconvenience to the public especially with the opening of classes in public schools on Monday, August 28.

Liza Jocson, Dalipe’s spokesperson said the mayor has tasked City Engineer Christopher Navarro to speed up all city-initiated projects and ensure they finish within schedule.

“The mayor has ordered the City Engineer’s Office to fast track the rehabilitation and repair of roads to conform to the schedule of dates of completion,” the spokesperson told members of the media during the regular press briefing in City Hall Tuesday, August 8.

As this developed, Mayor Dalipe met with heads of concerned officesTuesday, August 8, to discuss among others, the proposed opening of new roads, traffic congestion and enhancing transportation efficiency and promoting overall urban development for the city.

There are at least 10 possible road opening and extension projects based on the City Land Use Plan (CLUP) that were discussed during the meeting.

Among those present were Navarro, City Assessor Edwin Bernardo, City Legal Officer Atty. Haydee Gretchen Panganiban, Jessie Lapinid of the City Planning and Development Office and several others.  (Sheila Covarrubias)