Dalipe admin earmarks P400M for infra projects

The city government of Zamboanga under the leadership of Mayor John Dalipe has earmarked more or less P400 million for various infrastructure projects, most of which are under construction and the rest for implementation this year.

This was revealed by City Engineer Christopher Navarro, who said most of these projects are rehabilitation of dilapidated roads, concreting of new roads, slope protection, shoreline protection and flood control.

These include the road concreting amounting to P10 million in Sta. Maria, the so-called air strip at the bypass road worth P20 million, road concreting with drainage system P40 million at Calle Basa in Tugbungan.

Similar projects are also being implemented in Canelar Moret, Barangay Kasanyangan, including those outside the city’s five-kilometer radius like in barangays Guisao, Lapakan, Limpapa, Sinubong, and Cawit.

Another flood control project at Calle Basa worth P20 million, Villa Asuncion in Tetuan (at the back of ZCHS Main) P20 million, riverbanks and slope protection P9.5 million in Curuan (Mina), another in Divisoria and the Tumaga River basin P100 million. Similar projects are also under construction in San Roque and Lunzuran.

Engr. Navarro also cited the ongoing shoreline protection in Landang Laum, an island barangay, and in Vitali worth P80 million.

Other slope protection projects are in Maasin P2.8 million, Bunguiao P13 million, Waray-Waray also in Bunguiao P9 million, Manicahan P9 million, Cabaluay P2.1 million and Ayala P20 million. Navarro said all these project were undertaken by private contractors under the supervision of his office.-(Vic Larato)