Culianan district senior citizens thank Dalipe, LGU for cash aid

Senior citizens under Field Office 5 of the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) expressed appreciation to Mayor John Dalipe and the City Government for the grant of cash incentives and implementation of other benefit packages for their sector.

This, as the City Government through the CSWDO Friday facilitated the distribution of cash incentives for 60 octogenarians and nonagenarians at the Culianan Elderly Center.

On behalf of Mayor Dalipe, Executive Assistant Edna Sumergido led the distribution of cash incentives to 47 octogenarians (80-89 years old) and 13 nonagenarians (90-99 years old) from 26 barangays under CSWDO-FO5.

The barangays included Zambowood, Mercedes, Taluksangay, Talabaan, Pasobolong, Salaan, Culianan, Cabaluay, Manicahan, Victoria, Sangali, Lamisahan, Bunguiao, Dulian, Cacao, Tolosa, Lansones, Guisao, Bolong, Lapakan, Landang-Laum, Landang-Gua, Manalipa, Busay, Tumalutap, and Pasilmanta.

Recognizing that some senior citizens may not be able to travel to the center, house-to-house distribution was also organized to ensure that every eligible beneficiary receive their cash incentive.

The grant of cash incentive is pursuant to Ordinance 539, also known as Giving Benefits to Octogenarian and Nonagenarian Residents in Zamboanga City. Under the ordinance nonagenarians are entitled to receive a P20,000 cash incentive, while octogenarians receive P10,000.

This event not only provided financial assistance to the senior citizens but also showcased the city’s strong sense of care and respect for its elderly population.

The presence of local leaders and dedicated public servants further emphasized the city’s commitment to uplifting and honoring the contributions of senior citizens in the community.

Present during the distribution were personnel from the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO), paymaster from the City Treasurer’s Office, as well as the Senior Citizen Officers. (Bernadeth Lazaro)