CPOC okays creation of IATF on peace, security

The City Peace and Order Council (CPOC) chaired by Mayor John Dalipe has approved during its second quarter meeting Tuesday, April 25, the creation of an Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Peace and Security of Zamboanga City as recommended by Task Force Zamboanga.

Spearheaded by Mayor Dalipe, the IATF Zamboanga follows a recommended structure that ensures efficient and effective governance. It is divided into four clusters, each specializing in a particular area.

These clusters are Counter Terrorism or Insurgency Cluster, the Peace and Order Cluster, the Disaster Response Cluster, and the Maritime Cluster.

Task Force Zamboanga commander Col. Randolph Rojas said the IATF Zamboanga will also have five cells that are dedicated to specific functions, such as the operations, intelligence, communications, logistics or finance, and legal cooperative.

He said these cells will work together seamlessly to ensure the successful implementation of initiatives and programs.

By utilizing this well-organized structure, the IATF Zamboanga is better equipped to tackle complex issues that may arise in the city. The clear delineation of responsibilities and expertise will ensure that all aspects of governance are adequately addressed.

It was further discussed that the IATF may be enhanced to include other agencies like the Bureau of Agriculture, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Bureau of Immigration.

The media sector and other non-government agencies may also be included.-(Vic Larato)