Climaco urges public to cooperate with gov’t

Mayor Beng Climaco stressed on Monday the local government can only do so much in as far as keeping Zamboanga City clean with the cooperation of the people without complaining and comparison with other cities.

“We love to complain. We love to compare, but do we contribute? That is my challenge to the people. Contribute positively,” Climaco emphasized during the press briefing in City Hall.

“I said that in my inaugural message. I said that during the maiden session of the City Council and I will say it again. The city of Zamboanga will only be successful if we contribute positively our personal disciple,” Climaco said when asked about her reaction to what Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has accomplished barely two weeks in office.

She pointed out that the people, the public in general should also do their share to ensure the cleanliness of the city. “Numa buta basura areredor” (Don’t throw garbage anywhere).

The mayor said the city government has provided garbage trucks and employed garbage collector “but public cooperation is needed to ensure our city is really clean.”

Aside from cleanliness, Climaco said the public can do so much to ensure traffic orderliness by discipline and not cutting corners. “Follow traffic rules and regulations.”

She likewise called on the people to contribute and cooperate with the authorities in the fight against illegal drugs. “It will only be successful if we cooperate, and I ask the public to cooperate and contribute positively,” Climaco reiterated. (Vic Larato)