Climaco orders prohibitions in observance of Holy Week

Mayor Beng Climaco has issued an executive order, imposing prohibitions at the Mayor Cesar C. Climaco Freedom Park in Abong-Abong, Pasonanca during the observance of Holy Week.

In her EO 459, the mayor prohibits the bringing, sale and drinking of liquor and other intoxicating drinks, including audio-visual equipment and playing of loud music at the part.

Also prohibited is the bringing of firearms, bladed weapons and other similar items.

This, as thousands of people mostly Catholic faithful are expected to converge at Abong-Abong Park for meditation and prayers at the 14 Way of the Cross Stations from April 17 to 20.

Climaco also issued EO 460, ordering a temporary traffic re-routing scheme on roads leading to Mayor CCC Freedom Park in Abong-Abong and declaring said park as “walk-in park” for the duration of the Holy Week.

Meanwhile, City Administrator Marie Angelique C. Go reported yesterday the city government’s Traffic Enforcement Unit had apprehended a total 245 violations of various city ordinances for the period March 22-28.

Of the total, 235 were violations on traffic code, 5 tricycle ordinance and 5 anti-smoking ordinance. Six motorcycles were impounded and brought to Police Station 11 for disposition.

She also reported a total of 1,491 driver’s licenses were confiscated, of which 1,186 were already claimed by the owners. Task Force Ordinance likewise has apprehended 413 violators mostly against Ordinance 248 or traffic code with the highest number of violations at 357.-(Vic Larato)