Climaco orders advocacy vs spitting in public places

Mayor Beng Climaco has instructed the City Health Office and the City Administrator’s Office to implement a more intensified program advocating people not to spit out indiscriminately in public places in a bid to prevent the spread of what is now known as the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Climaco issued the instruction to City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Miravite and City Administrator Marie Angelique C. Go during the press briefing in City Hall yesterday.

This, following observation that some people have the penchant of spitting out (mamah) in public places in the city like public market, where food and commodities are on display for sale. This practice has been widely criticized by certain quarters as it is unsanitary and unhealthy, much more nowadays with the dreaded Covid-19 that can be transmitted by saliva.

According to the mayor, there has been research studies that pointed to covid-19 infection was more prevalent in hotels than in the airplanes because of the saliva being transferred on food.

“That is why Dr. Miravite will take notice of this finding and Ma’am Apple Go to implement a more intensified program advocating people not to spit out in public places to protect ourselves from the spread of this virus (covid-19),” the mayor told the press briefing.

Besides, she added that there has been a city sanitary ordinance prohibiting people from spitting in public places. “It’s high time people have to be made aware of this ordinance, especially those spitting out as a matter of practice or tradition.-(Vic Larato)