Projects Programs and Activities

Agricultural Programs     


 Crop Production

  1. Provides technical support to various agricultural extension personnel on high

      value commercial crops, rice, corn and cassava through technical briefing.

  1. Provides technical assistance & assist coordinators in the conduct of farmers

      classes on Production and Post-harvest technologies and Marketing of produce

      through linkages,  farmers field school, technology demonstrations and trainings

      on high value commercial crops, rice, corn and cassava.

  1. Renders technical assistance to participating barangays/schools of the Jardin project and distributes vegetable seedlings.
  2. Inspects/implements the cassava nurseries in the different districts for source of planting materials.
  3. Assist/maintains Hillside Agricultural Land Technology (HALT) on Rubber with emphasis on erosion control.
  4. Monitors/ inspects crop production activities in the city government-owned lots.
  5. Implements Organic Farming Program.


  Soil Fertility

  1. Monitors and conducts farm visitation to check soil fertility.
  2. Facilitates the collection of soil samples from the field offices for laboratory analysis by the Bureau of Soils.
  3. Facilitates and secures soil analysis results from the soils laboratory for use and

       application of correct fertilizers at the field level.

  1. Facilitates the conducts of soil nutrient demonstrations in the district offices.
  2. Facilitates STK analysis by the Agricultural Technologist.
  3. Assists agricultural technologist on soil nutrient management.


 Seed Production

  1. Conducts farmers’ classes on seed production.
  2. Conducts seed growers’ meetings.
  3. Identifies areas for seed production.
  4. Facilitates the procurement of foundation and registered palay seed for seed growers.
  5. Conducts field inspection of the seed grower’s farm.
  6. Facilitates the delivery of registered/ certified palay seeds from the seed growers’ farm to district offices.



  1. Conducts sexual propagations activities such as: preparation of seedbed, collection

       of assorted fruit trees seeds, sowing of collected seeds on seedbeds, preparation of  potting media and potting, transplantation of           germinated seedling in polybags.

  1. Conducts asexual propagation activities such as: collection of quality scion, grafting, enarching, marcoting, budding.
  2. Conducts maintenance activities on sexually and asexually propagated plant materials such as: watering, weeding, fertilization, pest and diseases control, pruning of trees, shrubs and plants and rebagging.
  3. Conducts regular maintenance on assigned areas on scion groove and budwood garden.
  4. Assist/safeguard the plant stocks, office building and other government facilities and equipment.
  5. Files, set propagated plant materials in row by plot.
  6. Distribution of Planting Materials through selling and/or approved request from the City Mayor. (City Ordinance No. 2006-289)



  1. Conducts Pest & Diseases monitoring.
  2. Validates and assesses damage report due to pests.
  3. Conducts pest and diseases surveillance, identification and recommendation for its prevention and control throughout Zamboanga City.



  1. Monitors Cold Storage and conducts information dissemination campaign to

prospective users of cold storage.

  1. Coordinates city’s annual budget and national funds for FMR and other agricultural infrastructure projects with CEO, CBO and DA.
  2. Conducts preliminary site inspection/identification of funded and proposed agricultural infrastructure projects.
  3. Conducts engineering survey, preparation of plans & designs of Irrigation and

Inventory of CIS structures.

  1. Conducts field monitoring and inspection of completed & on-going FMR, irrigation, dryer and other agricultural infrastructure projects.
  2. Monitors status of farm equipment & post-harvest facilities.
  3. Sets schedule of tractor operation and monitors tractor operation and status of


  1. Coordinates, inspects, evaluates and prepares proposal for areas potential for the construction /rehabilitation of irrigation structures, construction/rehabilitation of farm-to-market roads, stilt, seaweed dryers, Multi-purpose Drying Pavements, SFR, SWIP and other agricultural infra as well as farm equipment for agricultural mechanization such   as farm tractor, mechanical dryer, drum seeder, corn sheller, etc.

Tractor Operation

  1. Performs plow and harrow activities
  2. Site inspection and scheduling of agricultural tractor operation.

(City Ordinance No. 2010-156- basis for tractor rentals)



  1. Takes charge in the investment, marketing and promotion of agri-fishery products as well as agri-fishery based products.
  2. It serves as a support arm to all Agricultural Field Offices and other divisions on the marketing aspect of the farmers, fisherfolks, 4-Her’s and RIC’s.
  3. Facilitates in the product development of raw and processed foods in coordination with other Government Agencies in terms of improving the taste, quality, labeling, packaging, promoting and marketing.
  4. Conduct skills training to associations, cooperatives and stakeholders of the

       Barangay Food Terminal (BFT) on recordkeeping, basic bookkeeping, basic

        management, entrepreneurship and other agribusiness and related topics  and activities.

  1. Prepares database of producers, processors, buyers and traders of all commodities for market promotion through market matching and linkage.
  2. It implements, supervises and monitors the Barangay Food Terminal (BFT) in the city. It is a project of the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the LGU aimed at developing alternative market for the farmers through direct marketing thereby increasing farmer’s income
  3. Conducts/participates in the agri/aqua/trade fair.



 Fishery Extension

  1. Responsible on the delivery of extension services on aquaculture and marine fisheries technologies.
  2. Facilitates conduct of meetings, farm visitations and strengthening of FARMCs, NGOs, and Fisherfolk associations pertaining to the protection, conservation and Management of Marine coastal resources within the city municipal waters.
  3. Increase and sustain the fishery sector industry particularly on fish food productivity and proper utilization, management, development, conservation and protection of the municipal fishery resources by empowering the stakeholders and accredited non-government organization in coordination with the different local and national government agencies.
  4. Conducts annual Fishery Congress

Post-harvest Activities

  1. Conducts actual demonstrations/classes to fisherfolks on various fish recipes for their income generating projects.
  2. Coordinates with BFAR-RCTC in the conduct of various trainings on Fish processing and Value added.
  3. Conducts classes to fish workers and owners at various fish drying plants re: proper personal hygiene, maintenance of clean surroundings, proper wastage disposal, always cover their tanks used for brining.
  4. Conducts classes to fishermen on proper handling, icing, packaging & transporting of fish & fishery products to avoid deterioration & maintain its freshness.

 Fishery Trainings

  1. Aquacultural Management, Technologies and Strategies
  2. Seaweeds Farming Management/ Technologies and Pest & Diseases Control


  1. Marine Fisheries/ Fish Capture Management & Fishing practices and Technologies
  2. Post-Harvest Value Added Fish Processing and Technologies

 Registration and License

 Performs issuance of fishery permits/licenses, auxiliary invoices.

  Issuance of Seaweed Licenses – City Ordinance No. 2002-89

Licensed – 870 has.

Unlicensed – 1,134.67 has. (Notices, letters to Barangays & individual growers   had been served.)


  Issuance of Auxiliary Invoices

Section 20 of City Fisheries Ordinance No. 2002-89


 Issuance of Municipal Fishing boats licenses – City Ordianance No. 2002-89,

Amended Sec. 21, City Fisheries Ordinance No. 2005-133, Permit to operate.

Licensed – 1,881

Unlicensed – 1,619 (Notices, letters to Barangays & individual operators had        been served)


Fishery establishment – City Ordinance No. 2002-89

Licensed – 276

Unlicensed – 224 (Most of the establishments are in Rural Barangays. Notices &   letters had been served)



 Fishery Law Enforcement and Marine Management


  1. Surveillance of Illegal Fishing & Apprehension Activities

Apprehended – 105 (cases filed in court)

  1. Conducts apprehension of violators in coordination with the barangay officials, accredited NGOs like FARMCs, local and national law enforcement agencies pursuant to the City Fisheries Ordinances including national laws, fisheries administrative orders (FAOs) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and other related fishery laws, rules and regulations   imposed by the City Government of Zamboanga.

Location of Checkpoints

  1. Putik, Zamboanga City
  2. Sangali, Zamboanga City
  3. Tictapul, Zamboanga City
  4. Airport
  5. Seaport/ Wharf

The checkpoints are manned by Fishery Inspector to assist and inspect Marine & Fishery products shipped to other cities & provinces of the Philippines free from contamination & are legally caught. Collectors from City Treasurers Office collects regulatory fee.

 Farm Home Resource Management and Farm Youth Development Program


  1. Institutionalize the farm families specifically the organization of Rural Improvement Clubs (RIC) and 4-H Clubs.
  2. Provides the necessary capability building/ livelihood skills training to women and youth.
  3. Coordinates in the implementation of the Gender and Development (GAD) program of the city. This program provides services and technologies that addresses women’s needs, as well as empowering women through skills enhancement seminars and trainings.
  4. Conducts regular meeting on Farmers/4H Clubs & Rural Improvement Clubs.
  5. Participates in the City, Regional & National Farm Family Forum & Conventions




Crops and Fisheries Researches


  1. Cluster Demonstration on New Released Inbred and Hybrid Rice Varieties
  2. Yield Performance and Strain Selection of Various Seaweed Cultivars in

Zamboanga City.

  1. 2nd Aquacultural Farmers’ Field School at Curuan, Zamboanga City, with 30

participants that are fishpond operators, caretakers and laborers.

  1. Adaptability Trials on Rice on 3 Ecosystems (Dry, Saline & Submerged area)


Breeding Farm


  1. Calarian Freshwater Demo Farm

Culturing GET Excel Tilapia

1 floating with 4 compartments

300 breeders



  1. Inform the public through tri-media the various agri-fishery programs and projects

implemented by the office as well as the technical assistance and  support services extended by the technologist to customers particularly the  farmers, fisherfolk, rural  women (RIC) and youth (4-H).

  1. Produces and reproduces Agri-fishery and environmental technology materials for distribution during district activities, agri-fairs and walk-in clienteles.
  2. Collaborates with all the Agricultural Field Extension offices to assist and document district meetings, livelihood trainings, demonstrations, information campaigns, film showing, seminars, agri-fishery fairs, turn over ceremonies of projects and other programs implemented by the office in coordination with other national and local agencies to improve farm project practices to progress the socio-economic condition of our customers in the nearby and far-flung barangays.



  1. Prepares the following:
  2. PRs for the procurement of supplies and materials.
  3. Vouchers for the payment of bills (light, water, telephone etc.)
  4. Payroll for salaries, bonuses of employees.
  5. Leave applications
  6. Official communications as directed by higher supervisor
  7. Annual Budget
  8. Facilitates the delivery of supplies and materials to different divisions and

field offices.

  1. Conducts inventory of equipment
  2. Expedites the submission of report to concern offices
  3. Recommends employees for seminars and trainings
  4. Conducts field personnel inspection

 Planning and Programing


  1. Formulates agri-fishery development plans of the office.
  2. Monitors agri-fishery programs and projects of the office.

3.Consolidates/validates monthly reports submitted by the different divisions/sections and agricultural field offices.

  1. Submits quarterly physical report to the Mayor.
  2. Prepares and submits Annual Accomplishment Report to the Mayor.
  3. Facilitates preparation of PES Targets and evaluation on PES rating of employees.



  1. Conduct regular farmers and fisherfolks classes and trainings on Cultural

Management of Crops, Seaweeds and Fishpond.

  1. Conduct Skills & Livelihood Trainings for women (RICs) and youth (4Hers).
  2. Organized/re-organized farms, fisherfolk, 4H and RICs.
  3. Assist in the licensing & registration of seaweeds, motorized and non-motorized fishing boats.
  4. Conduct agri-fishery demonstration farms.
  5. Assist in the identification & survey of irrigation, farm to market roads and dryers.
  6. Assist & participate in Barangay affairs & schools related to Agri-fishery activities.
  7. Implement Special programs conducted by National Government Agencies.
  8. Conducts Farm Visitations to Farmers & Fisherfolks.
  9. Conducts assessments & evaluations on the impact of trainings conducted.
  10. Conducts regular meeting on Farmers Association, 4H Clubs, Rural Improvement

Clubs, Agricultural & Fishery Council, Fishery & Aquatic Resources Council.

  1. Inspects & validates extent of damages due to calamities.




  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Agrarian Reform
  3. National Irrigation Administration
  4. Department of Trade & Industry
  5. Department of Education
  6. State Colleges and Universities
  7. Congressional Districts Representatives



  • Forward Looking


Plans and Recommendations


Crops & Fisheries


  1. To conduct extensive Farmers, Fisherfolks, RIC, & 4H Skills and Livelihood Trainings.
  2. Conduct Farmers Exchange Program through Lakbay Aral.
  3. To propose program for the provision of seeds and planting materials though Plant Now Pay Later Scheme.
  4. Continuously conduct Season Long Farmers and Fisherfolks Field School.
  5. To acquire mini cargo truck (Elf) to transport agri-fishery inputs.
  6. Regularly undertake agri-fishery researches and demonstration farm.
  7. To acquire survey equipment for agri-fishery engineering works.
  8. Promotion of public, private partnership through agribusiness.
  9. Increase Funding support to NGOs such as farmers, fisherfolks, RICs and 4Hs organizations.
  10. Provision of scuba diving equipment for coastal resource assessment.
  11. To acquire 2 units fiber glass outboard speed boat for Fishery Law Enforcement.
  12. Construction of Mini Livelihood Center in Tumaga for demonstration and GAD Training purposes.
  13. Construction of Mini Fishery Laboratory in Tumaga with complete apparatus for examining illegally caught marine fishes.
  14. Construction of Fishery Checkpoint Shed with comfort rooms in all Fishery Check Points.
  15. Recommend for the construction of rehabilitation of irrigation dams, farm to market roads, farm bridges, solar dryers and stilt dryers and Organic Fertilizer Production Center.
  16. Conduct of Techno-Fora and Agri Fairs.
  17. Continuously conduct of Jardin na Escuela and Jardin na Barangay Projects.


Administrative Support Services


  1. Provision of additional Computer units with complete accessories.
  2. Purchase of two 2 tonner centralized air condition to replace old window type air condition.
  3. Provision of 2 units 4×4 motor vehicle.
  4. Immediate repair of office building and district offices.
  5. Increase budget for outside travel
  6. Increase fund for MOOE for Supplies and Materials and Capital Outlay to purchase needed equipment, building rehabilitation and site development.