City sets 104th ‘Dia de Roseller T. Lim’

The City Government has lined up activities for the Dia de Roseller T. Lim, marking the late senator’s 104th birth anniversary on Saturday, February 9.

The activities will kick off with a mass at 4pm at the Carmelite Monastery in R.T. Lim Boulevard to be followed by the wreath laying and commemorative program at the R.T. Lim monument in Normal Road, Baliwasan to be led by Mayor Beng Climaco and the members of the Lim family in Zamboanga city.

Highlight of the event will be the awarding of the Five Outstanding Zamboangueno Young Leaders (FOZYL), a project of the Junior Chamber International-ZC chapter in partnership with the local government unit.

Lim, born on Feb. 9, 1915 was the first and only Zamboangueno to have been elected a senator. He served as a member of the Senate and House of Representatives from 1949-1963 and later as Court of Appeals Justice from his appointment in 1973 until his death on July 5, 1976. Lim was known as the “Great Filibuster,” after he filibustered for more than 18 hours in an attempt to prevent the election of Ferdinand Marcos as President of the Senate.[2][3]

Meanwhile, Mayor Climaco has issued Executive Order 448 ordering the temporary closure of Normal Road and temporary rerouting of vehicular traffic along R.T. Lim Boulevard in line with the commemoration of the 104th birth anniversary of the late senator on Saturday, Feb. 9.

The commemoration of Dia de Roseller Lim is pursuant to Ordinance 283 approved on August 17, 2006. (Sheila Covarrubias)