City mobilizes fare dispatchers to avert fare overcharging

To avert instances of overcharging by tricycle and taxi drivers, the City Government through the City Administrator’s Office has deployed some 50 fare dispatchers in strategic locations starting July 10 to 19, as Zamboanga City plays host to the 2023 National PRISAA Games.

Specifically, the dispatchers are tasked to issue LGU Dispatch Slips and mediate as passengers and drivers haggle or negotiate fare rates.

Assistant City Administrator Rodolfo Saavedra Jr. said the move is primarily intended to solve commuters’ problems with price manipulation or overcharging by drivers of tricycles and similar public conveyances.

After filling in the necessary information on the LGU dispatch slip, the passenger and the driver must come to an agreement as to what a tricycle or taxi ride into town should really cost, based on the Guide for passengers on tricycle fares per City Ordinance 416 or the Fare Matrix Ordinance of the City.

The accomplished dispatch slip shall be handed over to the passenger by the dispatcher before embarking the vehicle. If and when the driver insists on overcharging, the passenger may file a complaint through the hotline numbers 0945-539-6200 or 0947-967-4660, Saavedra added.

The fare dispatchers are assigned in malls, tourist spots, billeting/ accommodation areas, sports venues, airport, port, Integrated Bus terminal, Canelar barter trade and other convergence sites for PRISAA visitors.

The dispatchers will work by shifts starting from 6am to 2pm and 2pm to 10pm and even up to 1am. (Sheila Covarrubias)