City fetes 38 retirees

Mayor Beng Climaco recognized the service and dedication of retired local government employees in simple ceremonies dubbed “Despedida de Agradecimiento para los Retirados de Govierno” on Monday morning.

Thirty eight employees who retired from government service during the period of January to June 2018 were recognized by Mayor Climaco with plaques and tokens of appreciation for their years of service to the local government of Zamboanga City.

“Este dia, taqui kame para rindi miles de gracias con todo con ustedes por el servicio que ya dale na govierno local,” Climaco said.

The mayor encouraged the retirees to look forward and enjoy new opportunities in their retirement.

A tribute program as well as a simple salo-salo marked the despedida activity, an initiative of the City Human Resources Management Office.

The salo-salo gave retirees the opportunity to share their experiences and spend time with Mayor Beng, their department heads, and their colleagues.

Launched on July 2014, the Despedida de Agradecimiento para los Retirados de Govierno is done twice a year, the first in January for employees who retired from July to December the previous year and in July for those who retired between January to June.(Jasmine Mohammadsali)