City bares arrival of 2 tow trucks

The City Administrator’s Office announced yesterday the arrival of two tow trucks that will pave the way for the implementation of towing services for illegally parked vehicles as provided for under Ordinance 248, otherwise known as the Revised Traffic Code of Zamboanga City.

City Administrator Angelique C. Go said under Sec. 7, Article 12 of Ordinance 248 the owners, operators and/or drivers of towed vehicles shall pay towing charges and storage fees for the first five kilometers or in excess or fraction thereof an additional P100/km for the three types of vehicles.

Go said light vehicles with engine displacement of zero to 1600 cc shall pay P800 towing charge and a storage fee of P50/day. For medium vehicles with engine displacement of 1601 to 2800cc shall pay P1,000 towing and storage fee of P75 per day.

Heavy vehicles with engine displacement of 2601cc and above shall pay 1,200 towing and P100/day storage fee.

To be towed are vehicles that are “stalled,” “illegally parked,” “attended illegally parked” and “unattended illegally parked.”

Under the guidelines on towing and impounding operation, “stalled vehicles” are those unable to proceed under its own motive power and is on a public road, street or thoroughfares and dilapidated/junked vehicles in Zamboanga City.

Illegally parked vehicles are those parked in areas prohibited by existing laws or ordinances for parking purposes or those designated by the Authority and/or the local government unit as “No Parking” areas or zones.

Attended illegally parked vehicles are illegally parked vehicles whose drivers are present or would appear at any time prior to actual clamping to the tow truck and are willing and able to move out the illegally parked vehicle without delay.

Unattended illegally parked vehicles are those illegally parked and do not fall under the definition “attended illegally parked vehicle.”-(Vic Larato)