CHO reminds public: Covid-19 still a threat

Even though the city’s Covid-19 cases have dropped below 100, the dreaded coronavirus disease remains a potent threat to public health, especially among senior citizens and immunocompromised individuals.

City Health Officer Dr. Amor Dulce Miravite issued the reminders Tuesday, saying that Zamboanga City has registered only three new Covid-19 cases for a total of 56(1%) active cases with 6 new recoveries for a total of 30,110 at 95% and 1,327(4%) deaths.

“We still have covid [in our midst], we have cases [although decreasing] and we still have mortalities. So, we advised the public, particularly the vulnerable ones, to practice precautions by wearing mask in mostly indoor places with poor or insufficient ventilation.” Dr. Miravite said.

She appealed that attendees of public gatherings in outdoor venues should also take cautions although they may be allowed not to wear mask.

“The symptoms are still cough, fever, colds and body pain. If one gets sick, protect those around you, your love ones by wearing mask and isolate yourself, because you might infect others around you,” the health official said.

As this developed, the city government of Zamboanga continues with its vaccination rollout for adults and children (age 5 to 11) in different vaccination sites.-(Vic Larato)