CCTV command center reports new accomplishments

The City’s Security and Surveillance Coordinating Office (SSCO) Command Center continues to make strides in its operation with only a little over 2 months since its soft launching last May 7.

For the month of June this year, closed circuit television camera (CCTV) footages helped pave the way for the arrest of a drug pusher in Corcuerra Street, assisted in the resolution of 12 vehicular accidents and 4 pickpocket incidents.

SSCO Command Center operations head Christopher Mandi said the arrest of the drug pusher came after the suspect was monitored at Corcuera Street in possession of suspected drug paraphernalia.

Command center operators reported about the suspect to Police Station 11 and after two days, a buy bust operation was conducted in the same area resulting to the arrest of the suspected drug pusher.

Mandi said the center also monitors traffic situation in the city and immediately coordinates with the Traffic Management Group in cases of traffic build-up.

Following the Jolo twin bombings last June 28, SSCO operators focused attention on suspicious persons and baggage.

According to Mandi, in one instance, an abandoned backpack was monitored at a cellphone shop along Climaco Avenue which was instantly reported to PS-11 through 911. The police responded and discovered that the backpack was left unattended by the store owner himself. He was reprimanded for his lack of caution.

Mandi said not much accomplishments were recorded last June as the system was frequently not in operation as it is in the final stage of implementation of the phase 1 of the CCTV project.

The command center is operating at a “bonus period” as the project is still incomplete and has not been turned over to the City Government, Mandi added. (Sheila Covarrubias) (photos: Kathy Wee Sit)