BOSS 2023 kicks off, expects 14k renewals, registrations

The local government expects to process around 14,000 business permit renewals and new registrations through the Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) which officially commenced its operations on the first working day of 2023.

As with previous years, the BOSS operations – the simplified procedure for renewing/ acquiring business permits –  is housed at the Centro Latino to serve local businesses during the renewal period from January 3 to January 20.

Almost a thousand business owners flocked to Centro Latino on the first day of BOSS operations to process their applications.

Mayor John Dalipe encouraged business owners and operators to process their renewal applications early as he directed the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) to ensure a fast, efficient, and comfortable service.

The mayor visited the BOSS premises early Tuesday morning, January 3, to see to the site’s readiness. Under the mayor’s directives, a coffee station and free photocopy service were placed at the BOSS premises to serve clients.

Under the law, business registration ends January 20. Late filers will be meted with 25% surcharge per quarter and 2% additional surcharge per month. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)