Beng renews call for public vigilance

Mayor Beng Climaco appealed to the public anew to remain vigilant and alert amidst continuing threats from lawless elements.

While the security forces remain steadfast in their tasks to safeguard the city, the public has to do their share by immediately reporting the presence of suspicious looking persons in their vicinity including suspicious baggage and abandoned vehicles as well, the mayor said. 

Climaco emphasized that collaboration between the security forces and the civilian sector is very crucial in the sustaining peace and security in the city.

Zamboanga City and the entire Zamboanga Peninsula had been placed on full alert status following the twin bomb attacks in Jolo, Sulu last June 28. With this, police and military authorities have doubled efforts in securing the city through mobile checkpoints, police visibility and other hardening measures in a bid to thwart lawless activities.

Mayor Climaco said it is likewise very important for people to be conscious and aware of what is happening in the city so they can act accordingly.

She said it is also necessary that people do not forward unverified text messages or posts on the social media to prevent panic and confusion.

Whenever there are suspicious activities in the vicinity, immediately report it to the authorities so these can be verified and acted upon, the mayor added. (Sheila Covarrubias)