Beng laments continued health protocol violations

Despite repeated reminders and appeals from the city government, authorities continue to record numerous violations of COVID-19 health protocols in the city.

During her Monday presser, May 31, Mayor Beng Climaco lamented the continued violations which come in by the hundreds every day, based on reports from authorities and local enforcers.

“Bien maca triste gayot el report del police cay cada dia hinde ta abaja na tres cientos, dos cientos, quarto cientos violacion del maga covid protocols,” said Mayor Climaco.

Sunday lockdowns are no exceptions, with authorities recording 111 violations alone on May 30.

“Imagine if we have 111 people violating protocols, 111 will also cause COVID in more than 111 households times two or three. They should be meted with penalties,” said the local chief executive.

Also last month, members of the Sta. Maria Barangay TF Sita caught residents holding picnics in the river connecting Sta. Maria, Pasonanca, and Tumaga, violating health protocols against mass gatherings and the Sunday lockdown.

“We emphasize that this battle against COVID should be a whole-of-barangay, whole-of-a-family, whole-of-a-city and whole-of-a-nation campaign. Nunca kita queda victorioso na diaton campania si nuay cooperacion y suporta de todo sector y residente,” stressed Mayor Climaco, calling anew for support, cooperation, and vigilant compliance to COVID health protocols from all residents.

With the recent confirmation of the presence of the South African variant in Zamboanga City, compliance to health protocols is even more paramount.

The City Health Office earlier reminded that handwashing, using face masks and face shields, and physical distancing are measures that work to protect and prevent infection from all COVID-19 variants.

Residents are also requested to avoid/limit physical and social gatherings, including family events of weddings and birthday celebrations as these may become super spreader events.

Meanwhile, Mayor Climaco has called on barangay officials to further intensify their efforts, including roving activities, to ensure the implementation of strict guidelines.

She also warned officials to comply with the health protocols, as she noted several barangay leaders not wearing their face shields.

“We must serve as models and examples,” said Mayor Climaco. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)