Beng graces Lung Month celebration

Mayor Beng graced yesterday the National Lung Month celebration in a fitting program at Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar complex as initiated by the city’s Anti-Tuberculosis Council.

In a message, Climaco emphasized the “importance of protecting ourselves from diseases and ensure that we have lung safety.”

Along this note, she said the city is blessed to have the barangay health workers and nutrition scholars who go out of their way to ensure that Zamboanga City will be TB-free.

zamboanga city beng climaco
Mayor Beng Climaco thanks health practitioners, barangay health workers, nutrition scholars and other volunteer groups for their efforts to help prevent and control TB, as she graces the National Lung Month celebration at Centro Latino Wednesday morning. KATHY WEE SIT

She said everybody is susceptible to TB. “Todo quita hende librao na emfermidad de TB, thus the city government and all line agencies are here to take care of your health.”

To the youth, the mayor said, “we wish that we have the vibrancy of your energy, but always remember that health and lung health is wealth.”

She called on all stakeholders to commit themselves to ensuring a TB-free Zamboanga City.

The month of August was declared National Lung Month in the country through Presidential Proclamation 1761 signed by former President Ferdinand E. Marcos on July 24, 1978.(Vic Larato)