48 biz establishments found operating sans biz permit

The City Permits and Licensing Division has issued notices to 43 business establishments that were found to be operating without permits during a recent inspection intended to check compliance of pertinent laws and ordinances and rules and regulations. 

This, based on an inspection conducted by a team of personnel from the City Permits and Licensing Division and police, July 26 covering 59 business establishments that operate at night. 

City Licensing Officer Benjie Barredo said out of the 59 establishments inspected, 4 were also issued with notices for operating not within the line of business.

Only 12 of the 59 were with business permits, Barredo said. 

The July 26 inspection marked the start of the regular checks on business establishments that operate at night. Inspection focuses on the business permit, occupation permit or work permit, installation closed circuit television or CCTV and verification of line of business. 

Under the law, penalty for operating without business permit is closure of establishment and non-renewal of business permit for those operating without CCTV.

Erring business establishments were issued with first notices to give them the opportunity to comply with the laws and regulations, according to Barredo. (Sheila Covarrubias)