3 iso facilities closed, on standby; mask mandate stands

The Ateneo-Lantaka, Euntes, and Talisayan Mega-Isolation facilities are currently closed, with no new COVID-19 admissions, the City Health Office reported Monday.

The three isolation facilities, however, remain on stand-by, should COVID cases in Zamboanga City rise.

According to City Health Officer Dulce Amor Miravite, staff from the closed isolation facilities have been reassigned to other isolation facilities that are still open and operational. They have likewise been tapped to assist in the local government’s continuous vaccination activities.

As of March 9, Zamboanga City’s active COVID-19 cases stand at 79. From March 2 to March 8, active cases were noted to have decreased with more recoveries and lesser new infections being reported.

Nevertheless, Dr. Miravite stood firm in maintaining the face mask mandate for Zamboanga City as a continued preventive measure versus COVID-19.

“There is still reported transmissions and infections, so we really have to practice el preventive measures. We are not yet ready to drop the masks,” declared Dr. Miravite.

With Zamboanga City under Alert Level 1 and establishments open to the public, Dr. Miravite also reminded parents and guardians to practice due caution and lessen exposure of their children to crowds.

“They do not have the protection yet,” said Dr. Miravite, referring to children who are yet to be vaccinated or complete their primary vaccinations.

“If it can be avoided, man less kita el exposure di ila, especialmente na mucho gente, because although the adults or the parents have been fully vaccinated, el diaton maga kids, hinde pa gat todo fully vaccinated,” Dr. Miravite explained. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)