About the service
This is a program mandated under RA 7323 and amended by RA 7547 to help poor but deserving
students pursue their education by providing employment opportunities during summer and or
Christmas vacation with an objective to develop the intellectual capacities of children of poor
families and harness their potentials. This project is a joint venture between the Employer and the
Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) of which the scheme of salary payment is 60% from
the Local Government and 40% from DOLE.

The SPES Program is open to all qualified High School, College or Vocational Students or
Out of School Youths (OSY) who meet the following:
1. Age bracket: 15-30 years old
2. Enrolled during the present school year/term
3. Out of school youth who intends to continue his education
4. Parents’ combined net income is based on poverty threshold level of NEDA.
5. Obtained a passing grade during the school year/term referred above or in case of Out of
School Youth, the last year/term attended.
6. His/her parents have been displaced or about to be displaced due to business closure or
work stoppage provided he/she meets the requirement of Number 1,2 and 4 above.

1. Duly filled Registration Form o1 (2 copies) with 2×2 pictures attached
2. Any of the following to attest his/her age:
 Birth/baptismal certificate
 For 138 where age is specified
 Joint Affidavit of two disinterested parties pertaining to the age of student.
3. Any of the following to attest the students’ rating:
 Form138 (High School Report Card)
 Certification by School Registrar that the student has a passing school grade
during the previous semester/school year.
 Certified true copy of the student’s class card where his/her passing could be
4. Latest Income Tax Return of the Parents/or a certification from the employer/union president
that the parent of the applicant is to be displaced or have been displaced.