Special Day of Remembrance (Zamboanga Siege)

Today, the City of Zamboanga remembers and celebrates the stories of people who defended and sacrificed their precious lives for Zamboanga against infamy, of every Zamboangueños who stood firm to fight against the terror attacks, and of the volunteers who courageously faced the fear to help those who are greatly affected by the siege.

On September 9, 2013, Zamboanga City faced the outrage of the rebel faction of MNLF when they tried to force their way towards the City Hall to raise their flag. The authority halted their movement, which followed a series of shootings and bombardments from both camps that lasted for weeks. It was one of the unforgettable terror encounters of the city.

Even though the Zamboanga Siege left a mark of fear and uncertainties, yet to Zamboangueños, it displayed their indomitable spirit for peace, bravery amid upheavals, and overwhelming generosity for those greatly affected. (Photo credits: City Gov’t of ZC and concerned citizen)