With schools resuming F2F classes, city checks dorms

In preparation for the resumption of in-person classes on August 22, Mayor John Dalipe has issued an executive order creating a task force that shall check the condition and readiness of dormitories and boarding houses operating in the city.

The local chief executive signed Executive Order No. JD 2022-015 last Friday, August 05, providing therein the composition, duties and responsibilities of Task Force Dormitory (TF Dormitory).

TF Dormitory shall be headed by City Treasurer Romelita Candido and composed of City Engineer Christopher Navarro, City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Miravite, City Assessor Erwin Bernardo, Permits and Licensing Chief Benjie Barredo, Acting City Police Director P/COL Alexander Lorenzo, and District Fire Marshall C/INSP Lucio Albarracin.

The group shall inspect on-site dormitories and boarding houses to evaluate their structural integrity, the existence and availability of fire exits and fire alarms as well as compliance with the National Building Code.

Dormitories and boarding houses shall likewise check if said establishments are operating with appropriate business and occupancy permits, paying correct taxes, and complying with all other requirements mandated by law.

Inspections shall be done once every six (6) months and if there be any complaint for violation of pertinent laws and/or ordinances.

Notice shall be served to the erring party and Dalipe warns that sanctions shall be imposed as allowed under the law. (Claudine Uniana)