Local IATF recalls curfew ruling for the ‘unboosted’

The Emergency Operations Center, a core group of the local Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), in a meeting Monday decided to revisit and recall its earlier resolution seeking to impose curfew hours for the unboosted individuals or people who have not received yet a booster shot against Covid-19.

Dr. Elmier Apolinario, head of the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO), cited impracticality and manpower intensive as main reasons for the recall of the curfew resolution, which was approved by the local IATF during its meeting Thursday last week.

Apolinario disclosed that a validation was made as a requirement to be submitted to the mayor for the issuance of an executive order, and over the weekend it was observed that the number of people going out on the streets was very minimal from 12 midnight to 4am.

In addition, he said the police and barangay manpower will be unnecessarily stretched in manning the checkpoints on almost empty streets and in conducting roving activities, which is impractical.

Instead of imposing curfew, Apolinario further said there are other measures to compensate and intensify the booster endeavors, such as house-to-house campaign, barangay involvement, mobile vaccination teams, and conduct of a more aggressive information and education campaign (IEC).

The city police and Task Force Zamboanga interposed no objection to the recall of the curfew resolution, saying that they will just follow whatever decisions the local IATF and/or the mayor will make.

Likewise, City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Miravete agreed to the recall of curfew resolution as she vowed to intensify CHO’s mobile vaccination teams in the establishments and institutions, including the house-to-house vaccination scheme.-(Vic Larato)